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5 important points for a good team building

You need to motivate your employees to increase their performance, generate enthusiasm and improve communication in the workplace?

Is Team building part of the solution? Absolutely. But a team building activity must be well orchestrated and conducted by experienced people! Here are some key elements that are good to know.

1-Ensure the quality of the speakers:
It is not easy to find the right company to get services in team building. The craze of the recent years is palpable, and many improvised themselves in the team building industry, without any indication of their lack of resources.

that,s why it is essential to hire a training organization approved by the “Commission des partenaires du marché du travail”. Animation Concept has seen its skills and expertise in the area certified by the government. Your training also becomes eligible for the 1% law and is tax deductible, thanks to this status as official trainer. Make sure you hire experts in team building that carry the seal of quality essential as Animation Concept.

2-The team building is something you do… as a team:
Animation Concept offers consistent exercises, which generate action among participants and motivation to improve as a team. Some companies offer solitary activities, or challenges to do individually, such as archery … By definition, team building is decidedly more effective when performed as a group!

3-The variety of activities:
Great team building exercises will avoid activities that are too simple, too repetitive, or that can’t bring reflection about team work. The team participation and the need to voluntarily join forces to perform the tasks are more useful and get a more lasting impact. The exercises in Animation Concept are varied ; They improve the ability of the group to work together. Our challenges include tasks that improve the performance of the team, while making them aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

It is very useful to provide information on the company that needs team building: area of ​​expertise, its history, and recent difficulties, depending of the case. For example, a company of the south shore approached Animation Conceptafter noticing the lack of motivation of its employees and a gloomy atmosphere at work. After discovering that the company had to make layoffs, and the remaining employees had lost all enthusiasm, our trainers prepared a program focused on these points and got results in the targeted objectives.Knowing what you need to improve the group certainly helps to choose the best team building activity, and even help to build a tailor-made concept.

5-The longevity of the company:
It is essential to surround yourself! Animation Concept do not assume that trainers, leaders and professionals in the business to oversee the activities of Team building. The programs are designed by experienced professionals, and our company is strong in its 23 years of experience in the field. Our consultation materials and references are also available.

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